Selv om man nå begynner å komme til hektene og fjerne restriksjoner mht pandemien – så er det flere som fortsatt tar sykdommen på alvor. En del auksjonshus begrenser sin tilstedeværelse ved London 2022 utstillingen :

LONDON 2022 update!

Due to the worldwide COVID 19 situation, the Global Philatelic Network companies, Corinphila, Heinrich Koehler, H.R. Harmer and John Bull, have cancelled their participation in the LONDON 2022 international exhibition. The joint exhibition stand at London 2022 will not be staffed.

However, depending on COVID 19 travel regulations in England, and at home, we plan to visit London during the exhibition from 19 to 26 February. If you would like to meet us for a one-to-one discussion on a topic that is particularly close to your heart, please contact us at any time between now and the exhibition so that we can fix a date and time.

We very much regret this cancellation, as we were looking forward to seeing many collectors and friends from all over the world again. Due to the dramatic increase in COVID 19 infections worldwide, we did not see any realistic possibility of protecting all our staff, travelling from five different countries, from infection for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Although entry requirements for fully vaccinated travellers will be significantly eased from 11 February, in cases of infection acquired during the stay in London, quarantine for several days would, nevertheless, still be mandatory. The risk of infection for our staff in contact with (mostly unknowingly) infected persons in London, on public transport as well as in hotels and restaurants would be high. Infection with COVID 19 means isolation in a hotel room until there is a negative test result. The return journey of an employee infected with COVID 19 to their home country could be difficult and delayed.

Current COVID 19 regulations for entry and stay in the England are available on the LONDON 2022 website:

Out of responsibility for the health of our staff, we feel that no other decision is possible as things are at present. We very much regret this situation, especially as we have been working for years on the preparation of our exhibition stand for this important exhibition. We will fulfil our existing financial obligations to the exhibition organisation in full.