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Påmeldingsfrist – litteratur – IBRA 2023 i Essen

31. desember 2022

Pressemeldinger fra IBRA 2023:

Exhibit registrations for IBRA 2023 surprisingly high!

(wm-pcp) 30 September 2022 was the deadline for entries of competitive exhibits that philatelists from all over the world would like to show at next year’s International Stamp Exhibition in Essen from 25-28 May 2023. Already a few days later it was foreseeable that the previously considered maximum number of 2,800 frames for stamp exhibits would be significantly oversubscribed. Commissioner General Walter Bernatek commented on the current state of affairs on 5 October: “The figure of 2,800 had been a dream figure that was in the air. In the meantime, due to the crises in the world, we had even lowered our expectations and only expected maybe 2,200 frame bookings. Now we are completely shocked that 773 philatelists from all over the world have already submitted bookings for 3,800 frames via the 72 country commissioners. But that’s not the end of the line, because new applications are constantly coming in, so we have to calculate with more than 4,000 frames.”

IBRA Team President Alfred Schmidt also announced, however, that the first thing to do now is to check the registrations, and that further new registrations should not be accepted. In view of the significant overbooking, it is also to be expected that not all registrations will be accepted. Another problem is not only the number of frames needed, but also the time for the later necessary set-up, because unfortunately the time frame cannot be extended by one or two days.

Conclusion: These are not easy questions that the IBRA organisational team now has to solve. Overall, however, the result is more than pleasing, almost sensational, and a confirmation for the organiser, the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten, that this IBRA also enjoys high international reputation.


Deadline for registration of philatelic literature for IBRA 2023 extended until the end of 2022!

(wm-pcp) 114 literature registrations are currently available for the upcoming World Exhibition. This means that the minimum number estimated and requested months ago has been reached. After consultation with Commissioner General Walter Bernatek, it was decided to extend the deadline for applications for the literature competition class until 31 December 2022, similar to other previous World Expos. This is possible without any problems, as the literature and reading section of IBRA had been generously planned from the outset. A good and informative overview of this can be found on the website

Monographs, journals, catalogues, but also digital exhibits such as internet pages and much more can be exhibited. The regulations can be read at IBRA 2023 also shows itself to be innovative and collector-oriented in this respect: only a fee of 50 euros is payable per exhibit and only one copy of each printed exhibit is to be submitted. This means that the event now also offers other interested authors and publishers the opportunity to submit works that are currently in the pipeline.

 Mvh Hallvard Slettebø


Tidligere påmeldingsinfo:

IBRA 2023 i Essen

Verdensutstillingen IBRA 2023 finner sted i Essen i Tyskland 25.-28. mai 2023. Utstillingen blir samme tid og sted som den store frimerkemessen i Essen. Her blir det mange handlere, auksjonsfirma og postadministrasjoner og en førsteklasses frimerkeutstilling.

Informasjon om IBRA finner du på:

IBRA – Internationale Briefmarken Ausstellung Essen (

 Hvis du vil stille ut så er kvalifikasjonskravet nasjonal vermeil (75 poeng), da får du 5 rammer. Samlinger som tidligere har oppnådd minst 85 poeng på FIP/FEPA-utstillinger får 8 rammer (unntaksvis 5-7). Utstillingens reglement og påmeldingsskjema finner du på utstillings hjemmeside eller forbundets hjemmeside. Påmeldingsskjema sendes sammen med kopi av plan/innledningsark og eventuell synopsis til kommisjonær Hallvard Slettebø [email protected] innen 1.9.2022.


Påmeldingsskjema litteratur

Spesialrerglement for utstillingen


31. desember 2022
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